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Working to live, not living to work, in the 21st Century

Any discussion of worklife needs to break this compound word into its component parts, work and life. Most people, if asked, would probably say that they work to live, not the reverse. There are people whose work is their life; … Continue reading

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We Paid Too Much for this Government!

The Florida Republican Party has released graphics in which it takes credit for lower unemployment and more job creation here in the Sunshine State. When Mark Twain said that there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” he would still be correct today, … Continue reading

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A Personal Tribute to Tom Clancy

Note: This is the article I wrote for the Encyclopedia of American Popular Fiction. Clancy was one of the most influential writers on my bookshelf and, on his passing, I wanted to share my thoughts.              Insurance-broker-turned-novelist Tom Clancy’s first … Continue reading

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