We Paid Too Much for this Government!

The Florida Republican Party has released graphics in which it takes credit for lower unemployment and more job creation here in the Sunshine State. When Mark Twain said that there are “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” he would still be correct today, according to officials of the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF).

While the GOP reports that Florida had the greatest decrease in unemployment, down 1.6 % to 7.1% in September of 2013, from the previous year. However, the Florida Times-Union debunked that with a non-partisan Legislative report that almost half of that drop was due to people completely dropping out of the workforce and no longer being included in the calculations.

 “We think every unemployed Floridian counts,” said Dana Moxley-Cummings, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida, “whether the G.O.P. finds their inclusion inconvenient or not.”

The Florida Republicans also want to take dubious credit for being third in the nation in job creation over the past year. However, the payroll processing giant ADP does its own research and found that the largest portion of new jobs in Florida were lower-pay service sector jobs and that higher-pay manufacturing jobs continued to decline.

“What good is it to create more jobs if you need two of them just to pay the bills?” asked Cummings. “The state’s priority needs to be unchaining business so free enterprise can create more jobs that can support a family.”

The Florida Republicans also touted the $845.7 million budget surplus and Gov. Rick Scott travelled the state, emphasizing that he felt the lion’s share of tax cut next year needed to go to Florida’s job creators.

“If the government took in more than it needed to provide its authorized services, why not give that back to the citizens?” suggested Cummings. “Governments never create wealth. They acquire it through the power to tax. If we paid too much for our government, last year, give us a refund!”

About drronthomasjr

Dr. Ron Thomas, Jr. heads Thomas Consulting Group, a consortium of professionals in leadership, crisis management, and media relations.
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