Mission Statement

To provide world-class training and consulting services to public and private sector organizations in the fields of security, communications, and management. Particular areas of expertise include counter-terrorism, news media relations, leadership development and Total Quality Management.

Capabilities Profile: Providing services to public safety agencies and private sector organizations since 1980, Thomas Consulting Group has developed an international reputation for realistic, practical, and relevant training programs, and consulting services that go directly to the bottom line … your organization’s success. Previous clients include the following:

* Kennedy Space Center, Security and Fire Services
* Directorate of Civil Defense, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
* International Association of Emergency Managers
* United States Department of Justice
* Federal Emergency Management Agency
* Federal Aviation Administration, Security Division
* National Terrorism Preparedness Institute
* American Association of Certified Public Managers
* National Space Society
* Cornell University
* University of Florida
* International Association of Arson Investigators
* Air Smuggling Investigators Association
* American Society for Industrial Security
* Contingency Planning and Management Expo
* Illinois Fire Inspectors Association
* Division of Capitol Police, State of Florida
* Florida Division of Emergency Management
* Florida Fire Chiefs Association
* Florida Emergency Medical Foundation
* Florida Safety and Health Institute
* Private Investigator’s Association of Florida
* Infobase Publishing
* Facts on File
* McGraw-Hill Publishing
* Prentice-Hall Publishing
* Brady/Pearson Publishing


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